Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

Situated in North Holland is a gorgeous city, Amsterdam. The city has great museums, canals, architectural designs and parks worth visiting.

Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

There are so many things to do in Amsterdam perfect for any weather and timing. Amsterdam is the world’s unique travel destination. Get started by obtaining a visitor pass. This will see you through many museums, hotels and free public transport during your stay in the city. Some of the things to explore in Amsterdam include:

1.Enjoying a canal cruise

The best way to explore Amsterdam is by boat. The city has many authentic canal cruise companies that will make your tour worth a lifetime. Some companies offer special services such as dinner and cocktail events on board. You can opt for the open boat canal cruise, luxury cruise, small boat cruise and the Amsterdam Canal cruise among other services provided by these institutions. A canal cruise reveals how beautiful Amsterdam is during the day and night when the bridges are fully lit by fairy lights. Get started by booking a ticket on a gateway canal cruise today.

2.Beer tasting

Visit Amsterdam to experience an unforgettable experience of Amsterdam’s locally brewed beer. Amsterdam has eight windmills left. The Molen van Stolen established in 1847 is the only windmill that is open to the public. You can visit this location throughout the year except on Christmas, 1st January and 27th April. You can also learn one or two things about the conversion of millcap to wind. The De Gooyer mill offers the best beers in Netherlands. You can visit the place to sample locally prepared beers brewed in Brouwerij ‘Tij Trademark. The tour takes approximately half an hour.

3.Visiting the market

Amsterdam has quite a number of markets where you can stroll and buy some basic commodities. The Floating Flower market is the most famous market in the city. It is open every day of the week. Visit the market to purchase fresh tulip bulbs and flowers. Your family will be excited about this sweet gesture. The Bazaar is also a popular market in Amsterdam. Here, you can find almost everything you need. No wonder the name, Black Market, The Bazaar. If you are a fun of vintage clothes and antique designs, the Waterlooplein market is for you. Feel free to visit Waterloo every day of the week except on Sundays.

4.Touring the Van Goghs Museum

It is unrewarding to leave Amsterdam without visiting the Van Goghs museum.

This building is home to plenty of Vincent Van Gogh’s work. This collection includes letters, paintings and drawings of Van Gogh giving you an opportunity to interact and learn about some of his personal work. Book your tickets online to avoid missing out on this exciting and breathtaking adventure. Most of all, get the I Amsterdam City Card to gain free entry to the Van Gogh Museum.

5.Taking a walk in Amsterdam parks

Amsterdam has several quiet and peaceful parks endowed with clean and fresh air. This is an ideal place to practise, walk or jog at any given time. You can also enjoy reading your favorite novel while exploring the beautiful scenery the city has to offer. Vondelpark is one Central park in the municipality. Surrounded by lovely trees, this path is ideal for jogging, relaxing and lone time. The 47 acre park is more active during Summer when large concerts are held outdoors. The Amsterdam Noord and Westerpark paths are also ideal for leisure activities.

6.Enjoying a drink at De Hallen

De Hallen once a tram depot is now a centre for fashion, culture, food and media. This is one of the best places to hang out for food and drinks in Amsterdam West. At De Hallen, you will be greeted to high quality street food from some of the most respected chefs in Amsterdam in Foodhallen. This food hall has a special Swiss grill restaurant and plenty of bars where you can drink yourself to sleep. Braisserie halte 3 is also a perfect restaurant located near Foodhallen. They offer everything from breakfast to dinner. Foodhallen is a must visit for those who love new food experiences.

7.Visiting the Condomerie

The Condomerie is the first condom shop in the world. This shop was started in 1987 in Amsterdam to curb myths and misconceptions surrounding sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. The Condomerie has perfect condoms for every occasion in different shapes such as frogs and chickens. Situated on Warmoesstraat street, the Condomerie is a lovely shop that advocates for safe sex.

8.Sightseeing the EYE film Museum

This Dutch museum hosts a huge collection of more than 20,000 books, posters, film titles and photographs. You can enjoy watching films and viewing pods at the basement. This room has been furnished with tiny sofas and ultramodern cabins for visitors. The building has an up-to-date look with sharp angels and a sparkling white exterior. The EYE film museum has a classic bar and restaurant where you can enjoy viewing IJ sea front overlooking the Central station.

9.Enjoy catching a ferry to North Amsterdam

Amsterdam provides excellent ferry services. Most of these ferries are located behind Amsterdam Central Station. You can easily identify them due to their white and blue colors. The Amsterdam Central Station- Buiksloterweg is the most popular route convenient for the eye-catching attractions such as the EYE film museum. These ferries need no ticket and operate throughout the night here. It is a shame to leave Amsterdam without riding a ferry. Feel free to use these ferry services. Cargo is always allowed. There are no limits.

10.Exploring Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is famous because of the World War II. During this time, a diarist, Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi authorities for two years for fear of persecution in Germany. The front part of the house is now a museum where tourists enjoy learning a few things about Anne Frank. The back of the house however is conserved to give visitors a clue about the impeding danger that Anne Frank’s family faced. This site is suitable for children aged ten years and above. Book your tickets early to avoid waiting in the lengthy exhausting queues.
Live, love and learn about Amsterdam’s perfect panorama.

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